475 Kits

Currently we have Instructables for many of our projects so you can build at home!


What are these kits?

475 Kits are carefully designed to teach engineering, creativity and problem solving to young and curious minds. Our goal is to invite people into the digital development space by breaking down the learning process and using everyday materials to create unique and engaging projects. The kits are set up through a monthly subscription that delivers everything you need right to your door. Think Blue Apron, but for building stuff!

We designed the architecture and curriculum of these kits similar to the way a writer designs a story. Each kit invites you to a piece of the developing narrative, and allows you the freedom to explore the world in your own way.

So what’s in a kit?

Each kit provides the materials, tools and education materials needed to complete that specific project. This includes, but is not limited to, components used in circuit building, RGB LEDs, resistors, and much more. Many of the projects also have the ability to build upon each other from month to month, should the user wish to expand on kit they find exceptionally interesting. The goal is to generate motivation, not simply maintain it until a certain level of expertise is reached. This is the spark that makes these kits more than just toys. In contrast to say, a Lego Kit, these kits allow users to continuously take a next step with their projects. Our goal is to create a learning experience that is social, consistently exciting, and addictive.

For the majority of our kits no internet access is required. It is however recommended to have a connection to save paper and encourage sharing progress in an online environment. We want people to build the kits, and show us what you made! Whether it be the original project or a clever rendition using our product, we want to see it and we want the world to see it. Through multiple social media outlets we hope to create a community that even further expands the minds of those using our kits. By sharing images of what one person did with the kit, it may spark a new idea in someone else and that is our entire goal.

What makes us special?

Admittedly we are not the first to have the idea of subscription engineering kits, and there are similar products on the market right now that are doing a great job! However, we feel our unique approach and custom curriculum will help reach out to a niche population of those that love to tinker with electronics and have a hungry mind for learning in a non-traditional setting.  Our concrete values for this company include:

-Clever and original sample projects

-An expansive and immersive community

-Providing a social aspect and competitive elements to the kits

-Intuitively evolving an intelligent teaching style

-Dynamically creating a curriculum with long term market value

Why Monthly?

People, especially creative ones tend to get bored easily. We have created a deadline for your learning but instead of penalties for not keeping up, you simply lose the fad value. Think about popular T.V. shows. It sucks to be behind but it is always possible to catch up or skip ahead.

Now for the real question… how much does it cost?

Our current goal is 40 US dollars/month per kit. We make an extraneous effort to keep our kits cheap and to capitalize on incorporating household materials as much as possible.

If you are interested in signing up for our service, please fill out our contact form and put let us know you’re interested in the comment section.